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With This Heart Book Review

“Love will make you reckless. It can drag out parts of you that common sense and fear usually keep hidden away. Because love is selfless and selfish.”

With This Heart – R.S. Grey
Rating: 5/5 Hearts (stars)


Abby is a nineteen year old girl that has lived her whole life on death’s doorstep. Two month ago, she got the all clear that she can start doing things healthy people can do. So what does she decide her best option is? A road trip. By some weird fate, when Abby is wandering around a funeral home, looking for the perfect urn, she stumbles across Beck. Then, Beck stumbles his way into Abby’s road trip and falls right into her beating heart. They’re young, reckless, and have nothing to lose, so what a perfect way to get to experience life than on the road with a complete stranger!

My Thoughts!

(May have some small spoilers, proceed with caution).

I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did. I love me a good strangers to lovers story, but I did not like how Beck and Abby started off. Meeting someone and then inviting yourself on their trip after minutes of knowing them? Then, agreeing for said stranger to accompany you?!?!? My mind was blown and turned off from the plot until I really got to know Beck and Abby. Then, there was no turning back because I was 100% invested.


  • When I found out what was going on with Abby and her health, my mind was racing and freaking out, a lot like her mother was described. How could she go on a road trip when she has weekly appointments to go to?????? But, then I fell in love with her character and was more so thinking “you’re a badass that knows your body, you live your life girl!”
  • Beck is perfect, almost too perfect. He was caring, smart, knew what he wanted, determined, and a bunch of other fabulous qualities. He was a little creepy and stalkerish at first, but when Abby described him as having dimples and a sexy smirk, I was done for. I was waiting for him to turn into some serial killer or something terrible, but that moment never came.
  • It may just be because I’m a huge Vampire Diaries fan, but when I read anything about Caroline, all I could picture was Caroline Forbes from VD. Caroline is an amazing friend and really helped Abby come out of her shell. I appreciated Caroline’s character and wish that we had seen more of her throughout the progression of the story. However, being on a road trip, phone calls/texts were the best that we could get.


  • Like I said above, the plot made me unsure of the book in the first handful of pages. Then I got over it and fell in love with what was going on.
  • Abby has lived her life in and out of hospitals since she was little. She didn’t get to do things that heathy children and teens got to do. So, when she’s cleared to live her best life, she does, and I love that for her. I also love an idea of a road trip because I feel like I’m able to visualize things I’ve never seen or heard of. This particular trip takes the characters around Texas, a state I’ve never been to, and I enjoyed seeing everything through Abby’s eyes.
  • One thing that confused me was how did Abby’s parents not realize she was on a road trip sooner? For parents that literally talked to their daughter multiple times a day and visited her daily, they sure fell off the face of the earth for a few days. That thought was always lingering in the back of my head during the road trip.


  • Grey’s writing style had a nice flow and thoughts transitioned pretty seamlessly. I’ve read a few books recently where the writing was choppy and it was a hard story to follow, solely because of the writing. For this book, that is not the case! The writing moves the story along nicely and I never found myself confused or wondering what was happening.
  • Grey also took a difficult topic, cancer, and wrote about it in a meaningful way, while still allowing the character to have fun and crack jokes about things that were going on. It was tasteful in my opinion!

Overall, the chemistry between characters, the plot, and the writing all led to me having ALL of the feels for this story, hence the 5/5 hearts (stars) that I gave this book! If you want a contemporary, new adult romance to read, this is the perfect place to start. It’ll capture your heart and make you fall in love with the characters, while still throwing in a bit of the best parts of romance in the mix! If you happen to have read this, or pick it up to read, let me know your thoughts!

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