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Regretting You Book Review

Sometimes you have to walk away from the fight in order to win it.”

Colleen Hoover – Regretting You
5/5 Film Clappers (Stars)


Morgan and Clara are a mother/daughter duo that are the complete opposite of what you’d expect. Morgan and her high school sweetheart, Chris, had Clara young, but have been together forever. Jenny, Morgan’s younger sister, was in love with Jonah but things got messy and they split. Fastforward 17 years and Chris and Morgan have Clara (now 17) and Jenny and Jonah (back in the picture) have a sweet, newborn baby. One day, the families wake up in their own houses and their lives are turned upside down. They face a trauma and Jonah and Morgan uncover some long kept secrets. They try to keep these secrets hidden from Clara and it puts a strain on Clara and Morgan’s relationship. Meanwhile, Clara is coping with the trauma by falling head over heels for Miller, the one boy that Clara’s dad forbade her to be with. Things get messy and hard, relationships all around are strained, but it’s a beautiful story that will encapsulate your heart all the way until the end.

My Thoughts


  • I really enjoyed the characters in this story. Clara was a typical teenager and I feel like the way she dealt with the trauma was how kids I grew up with acted in general. Her acting out (smoking, drinking, sneaking out, etc.) was how kids I went to HS with acted anyway, so she’s a basic teenager for me.
  • Miller was awesome. I loved that he was into film and was a decent guy, despite Clara’s dad thinking he wouldn’t be because of who his parents were. I also LOVED his grandad. Love a good old person character!
  • I liked Jonah when he was younger, but he was a bit annoying to me, honestly. I liked Morgan too, but I feel like she was struggling as a parent before anything substantial happened to her. She was doing the best she could, but sometimes I wondered if it were true.
  • There were a handful of side characters that I really enjoyed as well. They added to the characters, specifically Clara’s best friend/boyfriend. Colleen Hoover always does a nice job building up characters and making sure they have a purpose.


  • Ugh Colleen Hoover forever ruining me. I enjoyed the plot of this story. I liked how different, yet alike, Clara and Morgan’s stories were. They parallelled nicely with each other, as they struggled through dealing with a trauma that impacted them both in many different ways.
  • The bit of plot that dealt with film-making and being an actor was a nice tidbit to have as well. That information helped build who Miller and Clara were as people and gave them a way to relate.


  • Colleen’s writing is always wonderful (in my opinion). I don’t feel like she rambles about anything and I don’t ever find myself wishing a chapter would end. She gives the right amount of detail and does a great job captivating me (and keeping my attention).
  • I didn’t find that there were any lulls in the story and it kept moving nicely. When I read Verity by Colleen Hoover a few months ago, I was very angry at the ending. With Regretting You, I had the closure I wanted and didn’t feel like the ending was rushed.
  • Part of me was piecing together the puzzle between the characters, and when we discover what was actually happening, it’s still surprising because it’s so tragic (and upsetting). Hoover set that up with her writing and really submersed readers into the story.

Overall, Colleen Hoover did not disappoint (she never disappoints me….). This story is captivating and a great show of a mother/daughter relationship as they try to navigate life together.

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