Riding the Struggle Bus – Life Update!

Hi all! I know I’ve been slacking with reviews…but that’s because I’ve been slacking with reading! I thought that once the wedding was done that I’d be ready to read again, but I’ve found that I’m in a new slump. October was a great reading month, even with the wedding! We’re now 16 days into November and I’ve read one book and am working on a second. I just don’t have time or energy. Being a teacher in a virtual setting is exhausting. Once work is done for the day (3PM) I’ve been taking 2 hour naps and then I don’t want to do anything once I wake up. I try to read, but my eyes are just so tired from staring at a computer all day. I know, I know, I’m throwing myself a pity party….we’re allowed to do that once in a while!

While I may not be reading a lot, I have taken up a new crafting hobby. I’m hoping to add my new things to my Etsy shop in the new year! I’ve been working with resin and molds and designing some pretty cool things! My craft room (which is also my library) looks like a bomb went off in it! I’ve spent entirely too much money on resin supplies, but I needed some other outlet to focus on since reading isn’t working. I’m going to make a butt ton (that’s an accurate measurement right?) of Christmas gifts to nonchalantly use people as guinea pigs for my projects! Below are just a small fraction of the things I can make! I really love working with resin because the customization options are endless!

Some cute self-defense keychains!

Round and square coasters!

Trinket Trays

Some Misc things! I am in love with the cat ear ring (next the the green tree).

As I said, these are just a few things I can make! I’m waiting on a lot of molds to come in the mail, but will be making guitar pics, pendants, animals, ornaments, and whatever else I can get my hands on!

What have you been doing with your time? I’m hoping that once my Grad school semester is over I’ll be a little less stressed out. My goal is to read at least two more books by the end of the month…I think I can do it (especially with Thanksgiving break coming!).

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I ride the struggle bus to the end of 2020! Hopefully I’ll be more active soon!

xoxo Allison xoxo


Meet Allison Cursebreaker

Hello all! My name is Allison and I’m the face behind the screen for this book blog! I thought I should introduce myself so you can piece together a personality with the posts I make!

I’m 26 years old and teach Middle School (yes I know, I’m a saint!).

I love traveling to zoos and taking pictures of animals. I’m an animal love by nature and cry when any animal does something remotely cute. Here’s a few of my favorite photos that I’ve taken:

A mandrill captured at the Columbus zoo.
A young lion at the Virginia Zoo.

My absolute favorite animal, the red panda! This one lives at the Virginia Zoo!

I’m a Disney lover and could spend days there, if the walking didn’t kill my feet so much! I don’t care how old I am, I will happily wait in line to meet a princess (or any other character)! I can’t wait to have children so I can share the Disney magic with them…hopefully I can afford to take them!

From my last trip; September of 2019!

I’m engaged to someone pretty cool. He’s a music teacher for elementary aged children and is the most talented person I know. We’ve been together for 7 years and our plan is to get married this October if the Rona doesn’t ruin that…We grew up across the street from each other and have known one another for 23 years! I’m blessed that he loves zoos and Disney as much as I do and is just as much of a kid as myself!