Book Life Tag

I stumbled across this tag on this blog, and just had to participate! It’s short and sweet, but I love the concept! Should we take bets on how many Sarah J Maas characters I reference? Here we go!

Who Would be Your Parents?

My parents would be Morgan and Jonah from Colleen Hoover’s Regretting You. They both had some questionable parenting moments, but I feel like they would give so much love and would crush parenting together. Morgan is more strict when it comes to life in general, but Jonah is lax. They compliment each other well and would make for a great set of parents.

Who Would be Your Sister?

I’m an only child, so picking a sibling that would live up to my expectations is fantastic. My sister would have to be Pippa from Holly Jackson’s A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. I’d be older than Pippa, but she has such a great personality and is book smart. I feel like she could solve all my problems. She was a great big sister in the book, so I feel like she’d be a great little sister to have!

Who Would be Your Brother?

My mind traveled to Cassian from SJM’s ACOTAR series as a brother…because he would be an awesome big brother. However, I’ve had some VERY un-brotherly thoughts about Cassian so I can’t choose him. Sticking with SJM, Ruhn Danaan from Crescent City would be a great brother. He’s caring and would do anything for his siblings. I’d like to have a big brother that’s fun and also caring and more responsible than I am (but not a complete wet blanket).

Who Would be Your Pet?

There are so many SJM options, but I think I would go with Clive the cat from Alice Clayton’s Wallbanger. This cat is sassy, loving, and knows what’s up. He cuddles his owner AND protects her, unusual for a cat. I also love cats and SJM books don’t really have them (although, Abraxos is a close second).

Where Would You Live?

Velaris hands down. What a paradise. Thank you Sarah J Maas for bringing this beautiful place to our minds. Velaris has all that I could ever ask for and it’s extremely safe! From artists quarters, to theaters, to food, shopping, and community…Velaris has everything!

Who Would Your Best Friend be?

Bryce from Crescent City (we can add Danika in there too). This duo would be so much fun to hang out with. They’re funny, sassy, and bad-assy. They are thick as thieves and would be great people to have around; whether it’s for venting, chilling with, or doing something extreme. I feel like they would pull me out of my comfort zone and make me better.

What Would You do for Fun?

I swapped “where would you go to high school” out for this question because I can answer it better than the former. For fun, I would go out with my best friend! She knows all the hip places to go and have fun…she also knows how to have a good time and would keep me safe. I think I would also enjoy the small businesses in Velaris. I’d probably spend way more money there then I should, but it would be going to a good cause!

Who Would be Your Significant Other?

Rhysand from SJM’s ACOTAR series, no ifs, ands, or buts! Rhysand is just the epitome of unf. Brooding, dark hair, eyes so blue they’re violet, flirtatious, willing to do whatever it takes to protect his mate (me, duh)…what’s not to love? He loves his friends so much, I know that he would be a great BF or husband or mate. I’ve loved Rhys since he showed up on Fire Night…it’s been a rough time living in the real world when characters like Rhysand exist (and honestly, the whole inner circle could get it).

What a fabulous family that would be. I only mentioned SJM a lot…it’s like I didn’t even try not to!

If you like this and want to complete it, consider yourself tagged! I’d love to see your book families too!