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The Hate U Give Book Review

“What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?”

Angie Thomas – The Hate U Give
5/5 Stars


Starr is a high school student that has to act like two different people: the proper, black girl that attends a private school in a white neighborhood, and the girl she really is and wants to be, living in a mostly poor, black neighborhood. On the way home from a party, Starr witnesses a a fatal shooting, at the hands of a police officer and her life is changed. Starr has to live with the memories and figure out if and how she is going to use her voice to get justice for the person she saw murdered, and all the other people of color that are murdered and dealt injustices at the hands of cops.

My Thoughts

Angie Thomas did a phenomenal job with this story. This was published 3 years ago and it is still relevant to what’s happening in our world today. Being a teacher, I saw Starr as one of my students and couldn’t help but wonder what I would do if a student came to me with a story similar to Starr’s. Thomas portrayed the characters and the neighborhood realistically. She brought light to the situations that the black community is facing and has been facing for years, all while subliminally educating readers. I can’t imagine being in the situation that Starr was in. If she’s quiet, nothing is going to change, but because she’s black, if she were to speak out, who would believe her? The struggles of the characters, adults and children, were real struggles. Thomas also portrayed the ignorance of people very well, especially Starr’s white friend from her high school that denied being racist multiple times. These are things that black people deal with all of the time, and as a white woman, I feel like we as a society, are living with blinders on. We are doing such an injustice to our black neighbors and communities by staying silent and not educating ourselves. I feel like this book is something that every white person, everywhere needs to read. It helped put myself in Starr’s shoes and see what’s going on in our world through a different lens.

Though this is a work of fiction, with fake characters, the events and happenings of the book are VERY real. Educate yourselves to what’s happening in our world. We need to do better as a whole – white people I’m looking at you. Use your voice…as the quote above says ““What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?”

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How to continue your support of the BLM movement:


Black Lives Matter

I’d say America is in shambles, but because of the prominent racism and injustice that has been happening for centuries, America has never been together. I’m saddened by the way the black community is constantly treated by people in power and by America in general. We’re supposedly the land of the free yet black people are getting murdered for living their daily lives. As a teacher in a school that is mostly black, I’ve had students, when events like the ones happening now have occurred in the past, tell me they’re scared they’re going to leave their house one day and not return, all because of their skin color. The one thing about themselves that they had no choice over. There is NO excuse for what is happening in this country. For people to be murdered because of the color of their skin is sickening. We have to come together and use our voices; use our voices to show love and support for those whose voices are constantly silenced.

We can show support in many ways like protesting and speaking up, donating to the causes, supporting local black owned businesses, signing petitions, and supporting black authors and artists. Being a book blogger, I’m going to start by sharing some books by black authors that you should explore and think about reading! I’m also going to include links to different petitions and fundraisers in case you are moved to help in those ways. Look at the non-fiction book options to educate yourself, even if it means just getting some idea of what the black community is experiencing. Whether you add them to your TBR or purchase them, any support counts!

Non-Fiction by Black Authors

Fiction by Black Authors

Children’s Books by Black Authors

Books to Educate Yourself Further

This has been circulating and found it useful. Credit to IG user @jane_mount .

Other Things to Check!

Ways to Donate

Petitions to Sign

This is only a very, very small fraction of the ways to involve yourself that are out there! Educate. Research. Listen.

Black Lives Matter. Black Culture Matters. Black Families Matter. Black Businesses Matter. Black Matters. Until this is seen by everyone, all lives cannot and will not matter.