Rating My JLA Book Boyfriends

Hi, my name is Allison, I’m 27 and have a million book boyfriends…

To start, I haven’t read all of Jennifer L Armentrout’s series; I’ve read six. However, I have fallen in love with the male characters in all of them so far and need to just rate them. I don’t have a least favorite, but I’m going to rate them from my favorite to the one I would literally die for (which is most of them so…). It’s a messed up scale, but it’s the best I can do.

#6 Ren from the Wicked Series

I didn’t fall in love with Ren right away when I read the Wicked Series. I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, but then he pulled out the “Sweetness” pet name and I died a little. I liked the chemistry between Ivy and Ren and was really pulled into their banter and relationship. I also appreciated that this was an adult series and I got to see that side of them. I watched the movie version of the first book and am struggling to picture Ren as anyone but a young John Travolta (not a bad thing, but not how I envisioned him).

#5: Casteel from the From Blood & Ash Series

Casteel was my first JLA boyfriend. I love him so much, even after I got past everything that happened in book 1. I fell in love with JLA’s writing because of this series, and Cas would be number one on my list, but I met all the other lovely men JLA has created. Cas is cunning, sexy, and just all around scrumptious. I love his fierce love for me…I mean Poppy, and how he would do anything for her. I can picture Cas the most clearly in my head (thanks to some bussin’ fan art) and I highly recommend this adult series. Kieran is also a runner up solely because he has the best and most sarcastic personality. I really need Cas and Kieran in my life…I’d love to be a trio with them.

#4 Roth from the Dark Elements Series

I love me a good demon lover. Roth is such a badass and really makes my heart swoon for a demon. I would happily sell my soul and maybe a family member or two to be Roth’s lady. However, as for pet names, Roth calls Layla “shortie” and I really HATE that. It’s not endearing and bumped him down a few pegs because of it. I found myself throwing myself back into high school because of Roth and, looking back on my own HS experience, I wish I had a Roth to entertain me.

#3 Daemon Black from the Lux Series

I’m currently on book 5 of this series and have loved Daemon from the first time we met him in all his shirtless glory. I don’t usually go for aliens, but I’m ready for an extra terrestrial take-over right about now. I also don’t usually love the pet name “Kitten”, but I get some vicious butterflies whenever he calls Kat that. Daemon does have some controlling characteristics that I’m not fond of, but since he is a book character, I can look past that. I SOOOOO wish JLA would do an adult spinoff of this series with Daemon and Katy grown up some…I would literally buy every copy. Daemon would be such a great character in an adult book. Buy, I am quite content using my imagination!

#2 and #1: Seth from the Covenant/The Titan Series

Seth the Apollyon God of deliciousness has my heart. We met him in the Covenant series and as soon as Alex formed an opinion on him, I was hooked. He was the typical bad boy that my soul lurches toward in books/movies/tv shows. I would literally die for Seth. He has this rough exterior, but his heart is so big. He made some big mistakes through these two series, but he made up for them (in my opinion). I also was SO thankful that JLA wrote a spinoff series about Seth that was ADULT! Talk about fueling the fire in my “soul”.

Now all I want is for my other book boyfriends that were part of YA stories to have their own adult spinoffs. One can dream right?

Are you shocked that Zayne and Aiden aren’t on this list? They aren’t my cup of tea. Aiden made me so angry because he was such a rule follower, and I go for the bad boys (as you can see from this list). Roth just over powered Zayne and I was 100% in love with Roth, so I never gave Aiden a chance. I have heard that Zayne goes from BFF to Daddy in his follow-up series, so I may add him to the list then…who knows!

How do you rate JLA book boyfriends? I’d love to know! Are there any that I haven’t met yet that you think I should read about ASAP?

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Beach Read Book Review

“Love, after all, was often made not of shiny things but practical ones. Ones that grew old and rusted only to be repaired and polished.”

Emily Henry – Beach Read
5/5 Clackers (stars)


This book follows the lovely character of January as she navigates some pretty difficult news, all while trying to write a new book for her publisher. January’s father recently passed away and she found out some earth shattering news about him. She now has to spend her summer cleaning out his private house while trying to compose herself enough to write this book. Upon moving into her temporary home, she realizes she has a grumpy neighbor – he’s very unpleasant. Later, January finds that her neighbor is none other than Augustus Everett, her rival author from college. Push comes to shove and they decide they have to interact with each other since they’re now neighbors. They make a bet: Gus has to write a book with a happy ending and January has to write the next Great American Novel. They spend time each week researching each other’s genres and work together to figure out this bet. So, now January has another thing to add to the mix, and that is whether or not she’s going to let Augustus Everett blur her vision or not.

My Thoughts


  • I loved the characters in this book! January and Augustus worked so well together and brought forth a great enemies to lovers trope.
  • I would LOVE to see a book about Pete and Maggie. I enjoyed their dynamic and thought they were awesome characters.
  • January’s best friend was a decent character. I enjoyed her weird taste in men, but didn’t quite like her and January’s friendship.


  • The plot was creative and easy to follow. Two authors competing in a bet: something I’ve never read before. I enjoyed how January and Augustus switched genres and made a bet to write a book in that genre. The fact that their hobbies/careers were a huge part of the plot really made it move forward, too. I don’t know anything about being a writer, except for making semi-decent blog posts, but I feel like the details about being an author were exceptionally well done. From writer’s block to scheduling daily time slots to write in, it all felt real. I can’t know for sure that’s what it’s like to be an author, but it was pretty convincing.
  • January fights for this idea that “women’s fiction” is deeper than something that is light and fluffy. It has depth and meaning , even if it has fluff and happy endings! Women’s fiction has such a negative connotation to it these days, it’s much appreciated that January makes it have meaning.


  • The writing of this book was well done! It didn’t feel rushed at any parts, but it also didn’t feel like it was being pro-longed in any sense! It gave the right amount of information and really pushed the story forward in a good way!

Overall, I loved, loved, loved this book! It was so fun to read! The chemistry between the characters was believable (as was their constant bickering and cold-shouldering). The writing had a great flow, and the plot moved along nicely. I can’t recommend this book enough. If you’re like me, save it to read at the beach (it adds some authenticity!).

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