Crafty Tuesday

Crafty Tuesday

Putting the Crafty in the Crafty Reader”

I recently realized that for someone named “The Crafty Reader” I don’t often share anything craft related on here (I do on my IG sometimes). So, Tuesdays are now dedicated as Crafty Tuesday where I’ll share some of my bookish and non-bookish crafts!

Since I don’t mention it a lot here, I have an Esty shop where I sell decals and stickers (moving more toward stickers). I have a variety of themed items, including some book ones, that I love making and sharing with the world. If you live in the Baltimore/HarCo areas, you may have found some of my stickers in Little Free Libraries in the area! I’m working on designing some more book themed stickers, but for now I have about 13 (most are SJM related or generic).

Being my first post of this type, I’m going to turn it into a Double Crafty Feature, starring not one, but TWO of my sticker designs! Keep scrolling for a peek!

Double Crafty Feature

First up we have my newest JLA inspired sticker, based off of her From Blood & Ash Series!

This sticker is perfect for FBAA lovers and will stick nicely to laptops, water bottles, and (if you dare) books! You can find this sticker by clicking HERE

Our second sticker is inspired by the ever so popular Sarah J Mass’s A Court of Thorns and Roses. I’m very proud of this sticker but it took me FOREVER to make.

If this is one of your favorite series, as it is mine, this is the perfect sticker for you! I’m hoping to make more like this with other series, but I have to be able to focus for a long enough time to get it done…we shall see! You can find this sticker by clicking here!

I’m excited (and nervous) to share my creations with all of you! So long, farewell until next Tuesday!

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