Smutty Goodness!

I’ll be honest, I quite enjoy a good smut every now and again (okay, maybe all the time). However, I’m very picky when it comes to reading smut. So, I’m going to go through how I’m going to start rating the deliciously smutty books that I read, because I can’t hold them to the same standards as my normal reads! Scroll to the bottom if you just want to see some recommendations!

My Raunchy Ratings


*gasp* Who reads smut for a plot? I do! It’s strange, I know, but I can’t read a book if I’m not invested in what’s going on, no matter what the book is about. I don’t need an in depth plot, but I need to at least be able to have a story to follow (or else I’ll lose interest). It can be simple and include typical tropes found in these books, as well as plot twists and new ideas which are always welcome. I enjoy the plot of “Lingus” by Mariana Zapata because it’s something I had never read before and it lends itself to a great, steamy, comedic story.


I need the main couple to be like-able. I enjoy a bad boy and strong female character. A lot of times the female is symbolic of someone who needs to let go and find a partner to show her who she is…I don’t need that but I’ll deal. If the chemistry is good, the smut will be good (that is, if it’s well written). “Wallbanger” by Alice Clayton has some bangin’ (hehe) characters. I love them and was invested in their stories from the start!

Smut Level

Obviously, if I’m reading smut, I expect there to be a fair amount of sexy times! I find myself disappointed a lot of the times because I’m really into the book and there’s one or two sex scenes in the whole thing. I don’t need back to back pages of sex, (though, I wouldn’t object) but I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted my time reading a smutty book because of, well, lack of smut! The book, literally titled “Smut” by Karina Halle is probably my favorite in terms of sex. The scenes are pretty detailed and there’s an abundance (hence the title). I love this book so much and highly recommend it!


In terms of writing, I’m not too picky when it comes to this genre. The only part of the writing I’m really critical about is the sex scenes. There are certain words that just make me cringe during these scenes. One off the top of my head: feasting *gag*. I can’t ever imagine writing sex scenes, so credit to everyone that does, but I think if you wouldn’t use a word to describe a person’s anatomy or acts to someone, it probably shouldn’t be used in a book. To each their own I suppose!

So, these are the four categories I’ll use to rate my smut reads here on out. It’s way less intricate than what I use for other books, but I feel like smut is its own world, and deserves a different set of “skills”.

My Favorite Smut Filled Books

Thanks for following along! I’d love to hear what your favorite smutty reads are!

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